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              1. B2 Industrial Personal Computer
              2. B2 Industrial Personal Computer
              3. B2 Industrial Personal Computer
              4. B2 Industrial Personal Computer

              B2 Industrial Personal Computer

              • Size:136mm*127mm*41mm
              • Model:B2
              • Brand :HIGOLE

              B2 fanless industrial computer has the characteristics: moistureproof, dustproof, shakeproof, extensible, stable and easy to maintain. It has been widely used for high-end office, home, factory control, and outdoor industrial control.

              1. Detailed information

              Box 2 is a fanless box PC enclosed within a rugged aluminium alloy housing to prevent sensitive components from being exposed to dust and other environmental factors. 

              Thus, it is suitable to applications in harsh conditions. 


               Users can assemble a highly customized, Industrial PC-based control solution to meet their specific system requirements.

              eg. Factory Auotomation, Robot Control, Intelligent Surveillance, Training Center......


              DOS: Windows 10

              Processor: Intel Cherry Trail Z8350  1.44~1.92GHz Quad Core

              Memory(RAM): 2GB/4GB DDR3

              Storage: 32GB eMMC

              Ethernet:2x RJ-45 100Mbps

              Wireless : WiFi2.4GHz, Bluetooth 4.0

              I/O Ports: 1xHDMI, 1XDB9, 3xUSB 2.0, 1xUSB 3.0, 1x micro SD card slot, 1x earphone

              AC adapter: 5V/3A

              Size: 136X127X41 mm

              warranty: 1 year 

              Product features


              ● Ultra-low power consumption, energy conservation and environmental protection;

              ● Strong performance meets industrial demand;

              ● Solid capacitor is stable and durable. It prolongs terminals’ service life;

              ● High-strength all-aluminum design with high technology and refined appearance;

              ● Small and delicate casing saves space and resource;

              ● Intel Cherry Trail T3(Quad core) Z8350 design;

              ● Fanless and noiseless design. Fast heat transfer. Stable operation under long continuous running;

              ● Used for high-end office, home, factory control, and outdoor industrial control;



              Product specification



              LCDScreen Size/
              Screen Resolution/

              Hardware Configuration

              CPUTypeIntel Cherry trail T3(Quad-core )Z8350
              Frequency1.44 ~1.92GHz
              GPUTypeIntel Gen 8-LP
              Multimedia support hardware decoderPicturesBMP, JPG, GIF, PNG
              VideoMEPG 1/2/4,H.263/H.264,RMVB,WMV/VC-1,MVC,AVS,MJPEG. (UP TO 1080P)
              RAMDDR32GB LPDDR3/BGA216
              ROMFlashNand Flash32GB

              Network Connections

              WIFIWIFI ModuleWIFI 802.11b/g/n+BT 4.0
              EthernetEthernet RJ45100Mbps*2


              TF Card SlotExpand External StorageSupport 64GB TF card
              USB PortExpand External Storage and Data TransmissionHOST female port*4(USB3.0*1,USB2.0*3)
              Earphone JackAudio Output and
              Microphone Input
              ∮3.5mm standard earphone jack 
              HDMI PortVideo and Audio OutputHDMI A Type
              Serial PortDBR9 PortA-DBR9-04
              KeyboardInput DeviceUSBkeyboard( support wired and wireless)
              MouseInput DeviceUSBmouse( support wired and wireless)

              Standard Accessories


              Software configuation

              OSOS VersionWindows 10 & Android 5.1 Dual OS
              LanguageMultilanguage (Default in English )
              FLASHFLASH(support hardware decode), FLASH 11
              OS APPSPreinstalled APPSSupportOffice word 、Excel、 PPT、 PDF
              ES File Explorer



              Product interface


              B2 Industrial Personal Computer